About Me

My first memories are of land: the rolling wooded pastures of the Exe valley. My father’s family stems from there, living in the same thatched cottage that my grandfather, his father and his father lived.



The first garden I worked in belonged to my grandparents in Devon.

My grandfather was a rural science teacher and my guide…. We would go for long walks along the river Exe spotting Kingfishers and Otter evidence… as we walked he talked and wove tales about the place and us, us and the place, binding me to the landscape. As a young child I looked at the red soil of the riverside and the tall waving heads of rushes and the skies full of screaming swallows and my sprit took root…I have been a committed environmentalist ever since.


I have all the requisite qualifications that make me both a garden designer and trained gardener: a Garden Design Diploma from Merrist Wood and a RHS2 in Practical Horticultural Theory from Bristol University. However, it is my childhood (spent in a rural landscape and kitchen gardens); my own gardens and my experience of creating and working in meadows and wetlands that drives my purpose.

I am passionate about creating beautiful evocative naturalistic landscapes that look and function sympathetically with how they evolved in nature. Plantings that don’t just look naturalistic, but, are better adapted to their site, richly layered and resilient.