Gardening is a political act… Don’t do it in a bubble.

Henk Gerrritsen was a brilliant garden designer who never got to see his full potential. His gardens are about the battle between man and nature; a battle that man should enjoy losing. In his gardens he lets weeds takeover: Hogweed; Bindweed and Hemlock… because their beauty and their terrifying triphid-like features mesmerized him …I would … Continue reading Gardening is a political act… Don’t do it in a bubble.

The gardened meadow

This is the Walnut meadow and the Blossom bank. A mass of cornfield annuals: oxeye daisy; poppy; corn cockle; corn marigold and corn chamomile. These are a one-hit wonder: they won’t be here next year and they’ll only last about a month. The cornfield annuals are what are traditionally thought of as “meadow flowers”… But … Continue reading The gardened meadow

Got the Blues

Oh Boy! May has come and the garden and countryside is full of blue…. I stopped the car and photographed the bluebells in the hazel coppice and beech wood nearby. What the photographs can’t capture is the serene stillness in woods like this…. The dense woodland completely encloses you: no noises from outside intrude…. A … Continue reading Got the Blues