Landscape Consultancy & Conservation

This site is currently being updated and revised as I am launching a Landscape consultancy and conservation service: a bespoke service for you and your land that will enable you to work with natural processes and restore habitat….

It can be daunting and depressing trying to minimise your impact on the environment and promote healthy ecological practice. I believe that the green space in our fields and gardens can be a way in which individuals can show a commitment to treading softly on the planet.

We are currently living through the sixth mass extinction on this planet. Species are becoming extinct 1,000 times greater than is ‘natural’. Global warming (I like to call it “weirding”); pollution; habitat destruction and the depletion of natural resources are all huge concerns.

Landscaping with natural processes in mind and using the ecosystem services of REWILDING can not only reduce, reuse and recycle it can go one step further…

RESTORE much needed habitat, green corridors, healthy soils.

RENEW plantings that can capture carbon and water.

REKINDLE an intimate relationship with the natural world.