Seedheads, Skeletons, and Structure.

The wonderful Piet Oudolf and the dutch perennial new wave have changed the way that we garden. It used to be that designers and landscapers looked for structure from evergreens, topiary, hedging and trees... Now dead perennials and grasses have been introduced into the mix. I left the chalk slope meadow this year because the … Continue reading Seedheads, Skeletons, and Structure.

Transparency+New Romantics= Revolution

It's the time of year when the tree surgeon comes to see me in the garden. We talked about hedges and trees and the badgers (they’ve dug up the newly cut meadow looking for leatherjackets,chafer grubs and worms). Then he remarked that to him my garden is a “see through” garden: where you look through plants … Continue reading Transparency+New Romantics= Revolution

Enthralling complexity and the imagination

Watch out! This one's philosophical!   Whilst it has rained relentlessly I have been stuck indoors looking at the garden being battered through the framed windows. Our house is an old hay barn and milking parlour and all its doors and windows look south across the garden to the view beyond, framing the garden and … Continue reading Enthralling complexity and the imagination